Gisborough Hall Wedding Of Lucy and Ed

Lucy and Ed’s Wet and Wonderful Gisborough Hall Wedding

“Elvis was my second favourite part of the day – haha!”

We will remember Lucy and Ed’s Gisborough Hall wedding for the smiles on their faces from start to finish. Despite the miserable weather the fun and laughter never stopped.

“It was special to us to get married at St Cuthbert’s as my parents and my grandparents were married there. We chose a Gisborough Hall wedding because we loved the grandeur of the place and the beautiful Cleveland Hills surrounding it.

Seeing Ed waiting for me as I walked down the aisle. I just felt completely and utterly happy and couldn’t wait to marry him!

Elvis was my second favourite part of the day – haha!”

“My wedding dress was an original 1960s wedding gown from a wonderful shop called Vintage at Number 18 based up in Newcastle. As soon as I tried it on, I fell in love with it and it fitted me perfectly. My veil was an original 1960s one too from the same shop and together I felt absolutely fabulous! I really wanted the 1960s look and I think I achieved it with my outfit. I also think it’s lovely that there is a story to my wedding dress before I even wore it, so really it was my ‘something old’ and ‘something new.

On my bridal bouquet, I had a photo of my Grandad Tony as sadly he passed away several years ago. As I am his first grandchild to get married, I’m sure he would’ve loved the day and it was so important to me to have a part of him with me on the day.

Ed’s brother, Harry, played me down the aisle on guitar. He played an acoustic, instrumental version of Elvis Presley’s ‘Can’t help Falling in Love.’ That was a really special touch.
Our wedding cake was decorated to look like Dove Cottage, where we got engaged. We were even sitting beneath an arbour at the top of the cake!
In the conservatory during the drinks reception, we had James Harrison playing piano.

We also had photos of past family weddings on the tables during the drinks reception and a personalised guestbook from the talented Amy Brooks, Mrs BArts. It was a piece of art  with us sitting in a crescent moon looking out at the Eiffel Tower. The moon is held up with balloons and each one was detachable so that guests can sign. Paris and the Eiffel tower are special to us too as it is where Ed took me as a surprise for my 21st and since then I have been in love with the place!  The artwork is up on our wall in our home now looking fabulous.

I think the biggest ‘special touch’ was the surprise guest of Elvis to kick the party off and he certainly did!”

We didn’t have a specific theme but we both really love literature and so each table was named after an author or poet we love with an accompanying quote from that person.

We chose a three tiered cake of chocolate orange, lemon and carrot, decorated to look like Dove Cottage, where we got engaged. The talented girls at Kelly Ann’s Cakes did a wonderful job recreating such a beautiful place in cake form! We were even sitting beneath an arbour on the top of the cake.”
What would be your top tip for other Brides to be?

“Enjoy every single minute of it and don’t worry too much about everything being ‘perfect.’ It rained a bit on our Guisborough Hall wedding day, I still had dressings on from my surgery and my fringe was looking worse for wear by the end of the night but it was the best day ever because I married the love of my life. Enjoy the day, enjoy each other and enjoy the start of the wonderful adventure ahead!”

It is always a pleasure to photograph at a Gisborough Hall wedding. Lucy and Ed’s fabulous day was no exception. Congratulations and thank you guys for letting us be part of your day.
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